5 Ways To Take Control of Your Health 

For everyone but especially for the over 60s - Become a Vibrant & Savvy Senior! 
I help Baby Boomers reach their health objectives through simple, achievable lifestyle changes
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Hi - I'm Suzie Webb - from Suzie Webb Wellness
It was a rude awakening when I realised I was in an 'at risk' group of people - the 'over 65s' - regarding the current health situation the world was in starting March 2020, regarding the Corona Pandemic - especially as I am healthier and fitter now than I have been for many years.  
I'm sure very few of us actually 'feel' the age we are! So finally admitting to myself that I am in fact over 65 I thought I would share some practical, evidence based, wellbeing advice - for everyone, but especially for the over 65s - Vibrant & Savvy Seniors!  
Just for the record!  the definition of a 'baby boomer' is someone who was born during the years 1946 - 1964. 
I help baby boomers & seniors who know that living a greener and healthier lifestyle is the right thing to do, but there're too busy and/or overwhelmed to figure out how to learn, implement and keep the right habits. I help seniors who have current health concerns and those who have health concerns for the future - which they would love to avoid - but still feel pretty lost when it comes to making changes let alone green living!  

Do You Feel In Control of Your Health?

Are in control of your health or is your Health in control of you?  
Are you concerned about future health issues?  
Do you know what to do to help prevent these possible future health issues from happening?  
There is so much we can do to help ourselves regarding our health and well being and I am happy to share my experience with you to help you take back control to be able to experience your life in better health, now,  and in your future retirement years - in the best possible health you can achieve.  As a women who has experienced years of weight, skin and pain problems and spent time in hospital with chemical poisoning!  I overcame all these problems, with lifestyle changes.  As a Nutrition consultant, a clinical aromatherapist and 35 years in the health sector, I have a lot of experience I can share with you on how I overcame these problems and am now living pain free and in the best health I've been in years, totally in total control of my health!  
Here are my 5 Ways To Take Control of Your Health. 

1# Understanding the Source...…can protect your wellness.  

We all know we need to eat fruit and vegetables - but understanding where your food comes from is really important. Knowing the source can actually protect your health.  When we were kids the food we ate were essentially local, seasonal and organic - but not these days!   

In this day and age, you wouldn't believe the level of chemical contamination that's allowed to penetrate the things designed to be put into and onto our bodies! 

Being well-informed when purchasing food, supplements, home & personal care products is critical to your long term well being and it's never too late to start.  

Have you changed your diet and/or supplement regime as you've become older - or do you stick to the same meals day in and day out?  Our nutritional requirements change dramatically as we go through different stages of our life.  The nutritional requirements, in my 30s, 40s and 50s are very different to what they are now, in my 60s, and yours are too.  

Trends are a fact of life.  The majority come and go but the good ones tend to stay - and for good reason. That's why 'chemical free', 'green living', 'organic' and  'gluten free' have been around for quite some time, whilst gut biome health, the endocannabinoid system, and epigenetics  are relatively new phrases/trends but ones which are likely to be around for a very long time as they are extremely important.  

Read right to the end to get a quick and easy recipe for a hand cleanser that won't dry out your hands!  

2# Domino Effect

Do you get totally confused with all the health and wellness information there is to absorb these days?  Do you start a diet just to give up after a few days and return to your usual routine?  Do you start an exercise routine which lasts just a few days?  It's easy to do as we've always done - and its good to have a routine, but not so good to get stuck in a rut - sometimes tiny changes can make a huge difference to your health and well being.  What suited you 20, 10, 5 or even just a couple of years ago may not suit your lifestyle NOW.  

After all, we don't feel any older so why change what we are putting into and on our bodies. As we know from the past few months, our situations can change very quickly!  Taking control of your health, and Becoming a Savvy Senior with me (if you too are over 60),  means not only caring about what we eat, and where our food comes from but it also means being mindful of our mind, body, spirit and the space we physically and emotionally occupy. This can be done with keeping up with modern evidence based trends.  Its incredible how shifting our focus with just one new healthy habit can have a domino effect on your overall health giving immediate results and results that can influence your long term health - both mental and physical. 
#3 Prevention Better Than Cure! 
Prevention is the most effective tool when it comes to safeguarding our wellness and taking control of our own health.   It's never too late to start taking care and nurturing ourselves.  If you have reached your 60s or over now is the time to look at your diet and lifestyle and take control of your health for the years ahead.  Its all about incorporating daily practices and products that support your wellness.  I think of myself as a Savvy Senior! and would love for you to be one too!

My favourite things to incorporate are high antioxidant drinks and juices and essential oil infused supplements for natural pain relief.  

Once I started incorporating just these two things, my well being shifted dramatically.  I have lots of energy to walk 10,000+ steps a day and attend three yoga and Pilates classes a week.  I can't remember the last time I saw a doctor for anything than a routine check up and I take no medication. Many people say I'm just 'lucky' but I believe we make our own luck when it come to our health.  It's never too late to think about the term Prevention is Better Than Cure - as we get older we can't help but think about the many age related diseases we may live to experience - many of which can be avoided by being taking control of your health and a becoming a Savvy Senior like me!  
#4 Move More
Did you know that 30 minutes of walking a day is one of the healthiest activities you can do? 
Whether you live in a very hot or a very cold climate which makes getting out more difficult or if aches and pains prevent you leaving the house at all, being active for just 30 minutes a day may make all the difference even being more active within your own home.  You may find yourself in a better mood, and your mind may feel more creative as it has some time to think and unwind from the stresses of the day.  A few pounds might disappear too, which would take the pressure of your knees.  If you regularly walk or move for 30 minutes a day, that sets you up for the habit of success which means you are training your mind to be successful in other areas by being consistent in one activity.  Success breeds success!  
#5 Get the Right Amount of Rest
Do you feel that as you get older you need less sleep?  

Your body needs the right amount of rest for you
based on age and other factors. 

Most adults need somewhere between 7 and 9 
hours but unfortunately very few achieve this.  It is when we
are at rest that the body heals itself - which is why it is of 
such great importance as one of the steps to 
Take Control of Your Health.  
There are many activities you can do during the day 
that can prepare for a good night's rest, of the proper length, 
that your body needs so that healing can take place.  You 
may find yourself happier and more productive, and may be better 
able to get moving more - success in one area often leads to successes 
in other areas.  Unfortunately daytime sleep is not as restorative as 
night time sleep!   I use many tools to assist my sleep - and I am sure 
one of the reasons of my good health is the amount of good sleep I 
get every night.  

# Bonus Step - Quick & Easy Hand Cleanser

For in between hand washing! 
Buy some Aloe Vera Gel and some empty 30ml or 60m (1oz or 2ozs) plastic 
bottles with a flip lid. You may have one lying around the house with travel shampoo in - clean and use that one - (part of being a Savvy Senior is to recycle and upcycle!).  

Fill the bottle with the Aloe Vera Gel and add 15 drops of essential oil (Oregano, Thyme or Eucalyptus Globulous for example).  Or 30 drops if you are using the 60ml size  A good safe proportion of essential oil to carrier oil is half the drops of essential oil to the mils of carrier - so 30mls Aloe Vera = 15 drops of EO

You only need a tiny bit of this hand cleanser - it will keep your hands super soft and hydrated.

Remember I mentioned above how important it was to understand the source?

It's important to know that not all food, essential oils, supplements, chemical free household and personal products are created equal - you can't just go into the health food shop and hope that you're getting quality products - you can't always believe what you read on the label! - unfortunately that's the world we are living in these days - but I've got a source I've been using for over 10 years and trust implicitly - and they are the ones that have the anti-oxidant drink, the essential oil infused supplements, and the natural pain relievers that keep me going to reach my 10,000+ steps a day and attend regular yoga and Pilates classes - pain free!   (when we are not in lock down that is!)

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