The Biblical Tradition of Anointing
1-day event 
Great for church staff, women's groups, church groups, in-home study groups, 
clergy retreats & more!!

Imagine people attending a fun, experiential 1-day event where they are encouraged to bring their Bibles, along with the willingness to participate in the reading of scripture. Imagine a casual time of learning... as folks take in the aromas of several biblical oils, learn about the benefits of incorporating the sacred tradition of anointing into a daily practice of stillness and leave with a spiritual enrichment that may not have been anticipated.

My name is Suzanne. I have been a holistic therapist for 35+ years, focussing on nutrition, aromatherapy and emotional health.  I'm passionate in helping and guiding others to eat healthily, experience the vibration of essential oils and free themselves from negative and/or upsetting emotions.  

The scriptures tell us that Jesus came so that we can "have Life and have it more abundantly." So, we must ask: 

Are there practical things, intentional things we can do to honour and care for... the precious gift of life given to us?  

Well, I say "YES," absolutely there are! That's what this event is about. It's about how folks in biblical times found a healthy balance: Mind, body & spirit, through the ancient tradition of anointing & how we can do the same, today.    

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Suzie Webb
Grief & Bereavement Counsellor, Clinical Nutritionist & Aromatherapist