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Hi, I'm Suzie Webb and I've been in the holistic and well being industry for over 32 years - I'm 67 years young! I love learning - I have an unquenchable thirst for learning, and I also love reading, drinking tea, cats, walking, making my own products, and going to the cinema - you can't beat the big screen. 

At the end of this story you can read how I started my FAB community - Freedom after Bereavement.  

For years I struggled with my weight, my skin and joint pain (from running half marathons!).

I remember feeling embarrassed throughout much of my professional career as a nutrition consultant and clinical aromatherapist at being overweight with poor skin - I felt a fraud! Especially if I was hobbling on and off a stage because of aching knees!  I looked and felt 70 when I was only 40! 

All those years learning how the body worked and eating a balanced diet and learning the importance of hydration, exercise and relaxation - my weight would not go down and my skin would not improve and my joints still ached  - I tried every new diet that came out and every new cream on the market but none worked for me.  Or if they did it was short term: I'd lose the weight but it would return, my skin improved but only for a while. I was reluctant to take pharmaceuticals for my aches and pains connecting to my running but couldn't find a natural solution that worked for me.  

I wasn't happy with how I looked and dreaded the public speaking appearances which was part of my job so I went into writing and had books published on diet and nutrition and make-up instead - working from home where no one could see me!  

One day a friend introduced me to a totally new lifestyle concept I'd never considered before.  I was sceptical at first as but I trusted my friend and said I would give it a go.  My new lifestyle made me feel amazing.  I thought it was coincidence at first - but I had more focus on my work, more energy, my skin was the best it had been for years, my weight stabilised and I was pain free.    I was over the moon and brimming with confidence!  At last!  That was 10 years ago when I was 57.  I'm 67 now and the best shape I've ever been.  

So now I’m on a mission to empower women – with the knowledge I’ve worked so hard to get myself.

I am not the only person to have lost someone we loved.  I was angry when my dad died. Not angry because he'd passed, but angry at people telling me how I should be feeling and telling where I should be on the 7 stages of grieving and telling me it was time to 'move on'.    I was angry again when my nephew died in his twenties in a road traffic accident for the same reasons. I was less 'angry' when my husband died as my work involves emotional release, but my intense grief was indescribable.
Coping with the loss of someone or something you love is one of life's biggest challenges.  My husband Guy died in December 2018 - we had only been married 12 weeks.  Most of the support groups I joined didn't lift me or fulfil my needs. But I found something that really helped me and because of that I started my own group which is called FAB - Freedom after Bereavement.  The group is over on my Facebook page - here is the link - and I run regular sessions - both privately and group - using essential oils.  Using this technique gave me the strength not to 'move on' but to 'move forward' - with all those I loved still at my side supporting me.  

Come and join me and learn how you can take back control of your health with the knowledge and information I share in my exclusive communities.    

Ready to learn more?   

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Suzie is a FCCI - Fully Certified CARE Instructor which means she can facilitate CARE Intensive Classes anywhere in the world!  

A CARE Intensive includes, Bible Oils, VitaFlex, Raindrop, The Chemistry of Essential Oils and Emotional Release. 

The next CARE Intensive will be in Jersey, Channel Islands - November, 2020 - Due to Covid 19 full details of this course is yet to be finalised - but will definitely happen!  

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Suzie Webb Wellness BLOG!

How Grief Can Affect Your Health

How Grief Can Affect Your Health

Grief can affect our health in so many ways – here are a few.


Broken Heart Syndrome is not just folklore – it’s a real medical condition. The sudden loss of a spouse or loved one can cause a jolt of intense emotion and trigger hormones that lead to sharp chest pain and trouble breathing.  Your heart may not pump blood as well for a while.  It can feel like a heart attack, but it usually doesn't damage your heart or block your arteries. Most people get better within a few days or weeks.  


One of the many hormones released is cortisone - which is called the stress hormone - and your body may release more of it than usual into your blood stream in the 6 months after the loss of a loved one.  High levels of cortisol over a long period can raise your chances of heart disease or high blood pressure. 


The Base Chakra in Grief & Trauma

The Base Chakra in Grief & Trauma

The Base Chakra in Grief & Trauma - Essential Oils - The base chakra and is associated with our most basic needs of survival, safety and security, including our biological need for food, water, shelter and procreation. 

It's also associated with the sense of safety that comes with knowing we belong to a community, a tribe, a place and a planet - consciously or unconsciously. 


The base chakra's main function is to channel energy upwards from the earth into our feet, legs and spine to help us remain grounded, stable and connected, and this is what happens when it is functioning optimally. 


When it isn't functioning optimally, we don't feel safe and able to trust our own experiences.  In grief, our ability to enjoy basic sensory pleasures is diminished.   


The Chakras in Grief & Trauma

The Chakras in Grief & Trauma

I was first introduced to the chakras (which can also be described as 'energy centres'  in 1997 during my training in clinical aromatherapy.   Since then I have worked extensively with essential oils as an aromatherapist and on a personal level worked with the chakras during my yoga sessions.   Now, almost two years into my journey after the passing of my husband, I have started to work with the chakras in the context of grief and trauma.

There are seven main chakras.   Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ’wheel’ or ‘circle’.  This word is accepted in the practice of energy work and energy medicine to be an all-encompassing term describing vital centres of energy that exist within each of us.  These vital parts of us are not visible to the human eye and are considered ‘subtle’ energy.  

However, whilst the chakras may not be visible, they are not only essential but crucial to our ongoing development and overall health as human beings, especially for those living in grief and those impacted by trauma.

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