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 Level 3 Aromatherapy Diploma Course 

This course is the Theory of Aromatherapy - to obtain the Level 3 in Aromatherapy you will also have to complete 6 practical days training and complete the Anatomy & Physiology module.  

These 12 modules provide the required theory to become a qualified and insured (in the UK) aromatherapist.  it is also aimed towards anyone with a general interest in aromatherapy who would like to increase their existing knowledge. 

This course will give you knowledge and understanding about the:
 Health & Safety of Essential Oils, the History of Aromatherapy, the Art of Blending, the different Methods of Use of Essential Oils, and Chemistry (made simple!) plus much more.  There are Q&As at the end of every module (with answers for self-assessment), practical assignments and charts for the 30 oils used on this course (24 single oils and 6 blends).  Lastly there is a section that contains information on 46 conditions and my personal recommended blends, to start you on your way. 

If you decide to do the 6 practical training days with me, you can do this at any time throughout this theory course - you do not need to wait until you have completed it. 

Once enrolled, you can join the closed Facebook support page to chat to your tutor and other students.  On that page you will find training videos and practise questions to prepare you for the final written paper - if you decide to do it.

For full details of this course 

Your Tutor - Suzie Webb 

Suzie has been in the health and education business for over 32 years. She has a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) and is a fully certified CARE Instructor (Centre for Aromatherapy Research and Education) and is passionate about essential oils. She is also passionate about educating people on replacing harmful products used in homes with safer alternatives.

Her work as an clinical aromatherapist, a nutrition consultant and an holistic therapy instructor naturally led her into the field of harmful chemical use in the home and environment - so devised the course Take Control of Your Health - Toxin Awareness. Having lived in Spain for the past 14 years, Suzanne now lives in Jersey, Channel Islands, and travels all over Europe teaching Nutrition and Aromatherapy - mostly in the Channel Islands, London, Spain and Poland!

Suzie has been invited to teach Aromatherapy in Hong Kong - and is thinking about it!    

Happy Memories of Previous Courses 
in London, Italy and Jersey, Channel Islands