Nutrition Consultant & Clinical Aromatherapist

Welcome to Suzie Webb Wellness - here's my story! 
Hi, I'm Suzie Webb and I've been in the holistic and well being industry for over 40 years - I'm 70 years young and I love learning -  I have an unquenchable thirst for learning in fact! and I also love reading, drinking tea, cats, walking, playing chess, making my own personal and household
cleaning  products, and going to the cinema - you can't beat the big screen.

For years I struggled with my weight, my skin and joint pain (from running half marathons!).

I remember feeling embarrassed throughout much of my professional career as a nutrition consultant and clinical aromatherapist at being overweight with poor skin - I felt a fraud! Especially if I was hobbling on and off a stage because of aching knees!  I looked and felt 70 when I was only 40! 

All those years learning how the body worked and eating a balanced diet and learning the importance of hydration, exercise and relaxation - my weight would not go down and my skin would not improve and my joints still ached  - I tried every new diet that came out and every new cream on the market but none worked for me.  Or if they did it was short term: I'd lose the weight but it would return, my skin improved but only for a while. I was reluctant to take pharmaceuticals for my aches and pains connecting to my running but couldn't find a natural solution that worked for me.  

I wasn't happy with how I looked and dreaded the public speaking appearances which was part of my job so I went into writing and had books published on diet and nutrition and make-up instead - working from home where no one could see me!  

One day a friend introduced me to a totally new lifestyle concept I'd never considered before.  I was sceptical at first as but I trusted my friend and said I would give it a go.  My new lifestyle made me feel amazing.  I thought it was coincidence at first - but I had more focus on my work, more energy, my skin was the best it had been for years, my weight stabilised and I was pain free.    I was over the moon and brimming with confidence!  At last!  That was 15 years ago when I was 55.  I'm 70 now and the best shape I've ever been.  

So now I’m on a mission to empower women – with the knowledge I’ve worked so hard to get myself.

Come and join me and learn how you can take back control of your health with the knowledge and information I share in my exclusive communities.    

Information courtesy of Suzanne WEBB WELLNESS