My name is Suzanne Webb  
I am seeking election as a Deputy of St Saviour.

The failure of accountability, transparency and trust in the political system over the past four years has made this years election of paramount importance so I urge you -  please vote.

You probably know that we will no longer have Senators with Island wide mandates and Deputies can now live outside the parish they wish to represent.  I believe candidates should live in the parish they are standing for, and confirm that I do live in St Saviour, although I was born in what is now St Helier, North.  

The ConnĂ©table and your five Deputies are your Parish voices in the States Chamber.  I will make myself regularly available to hear your views on any topics you wish to raise with me including the important ones - housing, our new hospital, education and the Care Plan- and ask questions on your behalf.  
I am not standing as a member of a political party but am part of the BetterWay2022 group of independent candidates - which means there is no party line to tow but we support each other and work together whilst agreeing to disagree on some matters.   I will be passionate in representing, in particular, the seniors of my Parish,  but also dedicated to representing the Parish community as a whole. 

Entrust me with your vote and I promise to serve you well over the next four years.

Click here to see my full manifesto 

I'll help you wherever you are - after all the Parish is only 3.6 sq. miles! 

This is a picture of St Saviour in 1904 - taken from the conservatory tower

What I can help you with?
Bereavement support  
Get my free guide The Holistic Guide to Bereavement 
Connecting with social groups  
Community Work 
OLIO - Food Waste Hero! 
OLIO is a UK organisation that helps 'rescue' food from supermarkets and restaurants that would normally go to waste, to be redistributed via an app.  Volunteers of OLIO are known as FWHs - Food Waste Heros!   I love being a food waste hero!  

Here is me distributing two full boxes of bananas kindly donated from the Co-Op Grande March to OLIO - and finally to the Salvation Army.  On this particular day - 17th April - the bananas were put into the food bank parcels and also went towards the special lunch put on by the Salvation Army.  

We can all help each other by sharing.  

Meals on Wheels 
Hot Meals delivered to your door. 
Meals on wheels is an organisation engaged in charities and charitable organizations around Jersey. We deliver hot meals to seniors in their homes from Tuesday to Friday.
For more information, please give me a call.
Vote for Me and I will serve and represent you
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