Aromatherapy Theory Course

These 12 modules provide the required theory to become a qualified and insured  aromatherapist (in the UK).  
It is also aimed towards anyone with a general interest in aromatherapy who would like to increase their existing knowledge.  

As a student you will be added to my Members Area to access the course materials and I am always here if you have any Q&As.  There are some practical assignments to do with the course too.  Realistically, I feel that it should take about 6 months to compete this course, working on it for about 4 hours a week - however, it depends on the frequency of your studies.  

This course covers: 
Health & Safety of Essential Oils
The History of Aromatherapy
The Art of Blending
Methods of Use of Essential Oils
The Chemistry of Essential Oils
and much more! 

There are Q&As at the end of every module (with answers for self-assessment), practical assignments and charts for the 30 oils used on this course (24 single oils and 6 bends).  Lastly there is a section that contains information on 46 conditions and my personal recommended blends, to start you on your way.  

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this course.  You can find out more about it here