Freedom After Bereavement
Welcome to the Group
FIRST THINGS FIRST!  Welcome!  I am so pleased that you are here.   You will see the link for the downloadable Guide below - The Holistic Guide to Bereavement - I hope that you enjoy reading it and that some of the suggestions will be helpful to you.  

If you would like to join our community, then please head over to the Community Chat Room (link below) and introduce yourself.

Then head over to the Classes, where you will find the videos, which are the spoken version of the guide, but goes into greater depth - in case you prefer to listen and watch rather than to read.  

Most importantly, remember this:  You've just made an important step in your journey towards a more holistic path throughout your bereavement journey and beyond.  My aims are to assist you in making what is often a traumatic journey into a more peaceful experience.  

Journeys take time, so honour your path and take your time through the road ahead, one step at a time.  I am here with you every step of the way.  
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