My Business Builders Tips!  

Champion Products! 

Did you know that YL have over 500 products!?  It's impossible for us to know all of them, so I would recommend that you choose 3 Champion Products (or groups of connected products) you really love, and use yourself as a starter. Here are my three - I also have these 3 very short videos on my mobile to show people.  

My first product - or group of products - are the ones for pain relief.  Cool Azul, Cool Azul Sports Gel, Deep Relief, AromaSiez, PanAway.  We can't get the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream in Europe yet - but the video is excellent and I find it gets people interested in the concept of reducing pain with Cool Azul generally, and how pain relief can be achieved with non-toxic, non pharmaceutical products.  

My second Champion Product is Ningxia Red - I sign more people up with the Ningxia Red starter kit than with any other kit!  because I drink it every day and swear by it, so I come across as genuine.  
Ningxia Red 

My last Champion Product is the Thieves range, and in particular the Thieves Household cleaner.  
Thieves Cleaner Demonstration

Recommended apps for your mobile:  It's good to be prepared!  if someone asks me a question about an essential oil, it's unlikely I'm going to remember all of them!  so I just go into an app like this one!   The Aroma App

I love this app!  I have the book but it is way too heavy to take with me everywhere, so I am always in this app!  The Reference Guide for Essential Oils 

The Oily Tools app doesn't give you essential oils information, but information on your commission payments from YL.  YL didn't use to have as many reports for us as they do now in their back office, so you may find that the back office gives you enough information about your team.  OilyTools