Constipation & Caffeine - Is There a Connection?
If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, diarrhoea, Crohn’s disease, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or colitis, then caffeine could indeed be the culprit, and slowly eliminating it from your diet may relieve some of your symptoms. When we talk about caffeine, we usually think of coffee, but many carbonated drinks these days contain large amounts of caffeine. As an addictive substance, it is a sure way for large coffee retailers to retain customers, especially children who get addicted at a very young age.   Drinking caffeinated beverages can dehydrate the body and interfere with digestion.  
Caffeine also interferes with the absorption of magnesium, which is critical in maintaining regular, healthy bowel movements. Caffeine over-stimulates the digestive system and can induce a temporary laxative effect, causing the bowels to expel waste before it's had the chance to process and utilise vital water and nutrients. This frequently leads to a constant state of dehydration and malnourishment among coffee drinkers, and those drinking excessive amounts of caffeinated drinks. This effect is not only due to the caffeine - the same effects are seen in people who regularly drink decaffeinated varieties. 
Coffee is also highly acidic and can lead to an overproduction of stomach acid that can severely irritate the intestines. Unbelievably, decaffeinated coffee has been shown to trigger even more acid production than regular coffee. This over-production (when combined with coffee's laxative effects) can cause too much stomach acid to move into the intestines. All this acid can potentially cause irreversible damage to the intestinal lining. Is it worth it?
Red Bush Tea in particular. It's light and refreshing - it has no tannin or caffeine and can be drunk without sugar or milk because it has a naturally sweet taste with no bitterness. It is high in antioxidants and flavonoids and calorie free so good for your waistline too. 

Slique Tea produced by Young Living, is a delicious, rare blend of natural ingredients chosen for their impressive phytonutrient content. The tea features an exquisite blend of cacao powder, cinnamon bark, ground nutmeg, and pure, proprietary vanilla essential oil - absolutely delicious!  


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