The Chakras in Grief & Trauma

The Chakras in Grief & Trauma

I was first introduced to the chakras (which can also be described as 'energy centres'  in 1997 during my training in clinical aromatherapy.   Since then I have worked extensively with essential oils as an aromatherapist and on a personal level worked with the chakras during my yoga sessions.   Now, almost two years into my journey after the passing of my husband, I have started to work with the chakras in the context of grief and trauma.

There are seven main chakras.   Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ’wheel’ or ‘circle’.  This word is accepted in the practice of energy work and energy medicine to be an all-encompassing term describing vital centres of energy that exist within each of us.  These vital parts of us are not visible to the human eye and are considered ‘subtle’ energy.  

However, whilst the chakras may not be visible, they are not only essential but crucial to our ongoing development and overall health as human beings, especially for those living in grief and those impacted by trauma.

Each chakra is associated with a specific location in the physical body – from the bottoms of your feet and the base of the spine (the base or root chakra), to the pelvic area (the sacral chakra), the digestive system (solar plexus chakra) the sternum (heart chakra),  the neck (throat chakra) to the brain and top of the head (third eye and crown chakras).  

They are each associated with a hormonal gland within the endocrine system (your hormone system) and are related to the specific functions of each of those glands.  

It’s nearly impossible to avoid disruption of the chakra function in grief and trauma.  Imbalances in the chakras through grief and trauma reflect profoundly felt and experienced disturbances that impact our entire being.  Such deep, all-encompassing pain and chaos cannot fail to impact our energetic system, which in turn impacts all of who we are.  

Being aware of how we are affected by energetic changes and what's happening within our chakras can greatly support us in our journey toward wholeness in the midst of grief.  

There are many ways we can balance our chakras.  

With essential oils, crystals, yoga positions, mudras (hand gestures), affirmations, journal writing, meditations and food!

Over the next few weeks, I will write about each of the 7 main the chakras and how we can strengthen each one.

In my next blog I will focus on the Base chakra and the supporting essential oils of Cedarwood, Myrrh and Patchouli and the supporting crystals of carnelian, red garnet and smoky quartz. 

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