Inhalers for Daytime and Night-time use

Inhalers for Daytime and Night-time use

Here are 2 inhalers you can make to help you support 'seasonal changes'  – so I’m going to make one for the daytime use and one for night time use but they are both going to address the same type of issues but the daytime one is going to be more supportive of you being awake and the night time will be more calming and therefore more supporting of night time use.  


So first, here is what I am going to use – in case you haven’t seen one before, this is a blank inhaler and they have these two main parts, this is the cover and this is the part that you inhale and we are going to put this little cotton part inside the inhaler and there is this little top which I’ll snap on at the end. (if you watch the video at the bottom you will see this). 


The daytime recipe is Black Spruce, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lime.  I usually put a total of 15 drops of essential oil into an inhaler.  So start with 6 drops of the Black Spruce - some essential oils come out fast so be careful and go slow, if you get an extra drop it’s no big deal, if I want 6 drops I usually go for 4 to end up with the 6 drops that I need.  


The Black Spruce will open up the sinus areas and if by chance you also have a cough, then this oil is great to use as it can really calm a tickle.  


Next add 4 drops of  Eucalyptus, and this again opens up the sinus area – it’s a decongestant and helps break down mucus and the combination of these two oils alone (Black Spruce and Euclyptus) are fabulous.  Then add 3 drops of lemon and 2 drops of lime.  


Lemon and the Lime are great for supporting your immune process - and the finished blend smells amazing :-) 


Push the cap on really hard – you should hear it click.   Shake it around to make sure the cotton has absorbed the oils.  If I were feeling like I was going down with something, you know a stuffy nose and maybe a little sore around the neck area then I would use this daytime recipe maybe every hour which may be enough to stop me feeling any worse – and then if I did actually get sick then I would continue to use it in the same way, as it will continue to support my immune system.  

 Then at night I would use a different recipe – one that supports rest.

This blend contains Frankincense and Lavender and Marjoram. The Frankincense helps you breath really deeply – Frankincense  isn't an essential oil, it’s a resin.   Use 6 drops of Frankincense which will really help you rest at night because it’s so calming to the nervous system, and it will open up your breathing and help you sleep which is when our bodies heal. 

The Lavender also is deeply calming and it’s going to add in a really rich aroma, so for the Lavender I’m going to add in 6 drops and the blend of these two oils -Lavender and Frankincense - are is a favourite for so many people.   

Lastly  add in 3 drops of Marjoram -  which again supports immunity and the thing about Marjoram is that you might think it is really bright and uplifting which is true but it is also very calming so it s a great night time oil to use.  


Put the cap on again – mix it up and use.  It’s a totally different aroma, much quieter so perfect for night time use.  

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References:  Current Essential Oil Cinical Research Vol 2 - by Shawn and Tonya Peterson 

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