Diffuser Q&As Part 2

Hello!  This blog post is a continuation of last week when I was answering questions about diffusing in general and I said that we would start this week with the question........


Can I diffuse essential oils if there are pets in the house? 

So this answer is about diffusing only, not using the oils directly on pets, I’ll cover that in a different Q&A.  So, yes you can diffuse essential oils if there are pets in the house.   However, some animals are sensitive to essential oils and some, especially cats, do not have the necessary enzymes in their liver to process essential oils high in phenols  (found in such oils as Clove), and terpenes -  found in Tea Tree and citrus oils.   You also need to ask yourself another question in this regard and that is what chemicals are being used in the house already that could be more harmful than essential oils – hairspray, bleach, harsh cleaning materials, perfumed candles, plug ins?  – all of these will do you pets, and you, more harm that the essential oils from a water based diffuser could ever do!   So if they have survived years of chemicals, a diffuser will do no harm.  

Here is a picture of Sasha - my cat who is over 20 years old (pictured May, 2020) and has lived her whole life with essential oils diffusing in every room of the house!  Just make sure there is an escape route for your pet – so leave the door open so they can leave and go into another room if they wish.    


Is it okay to diffuse two blends at the same time – for example Thieves and RC?

Each of these blends were blended for a specific reason – so if you mix two blends together you ae getting a watered down effect from using them alone – does that make sense?  Do you are not getting the full benefits of Thieves as you’ve mixed it with something else, and therefore changed the synergy of the blend, and you’re not getting the full benefit of the RC as you’ve mixed it with something else again changing the synergy – so I would strongly recommend you use the blends alone – the YL blends already contain sometimes up to 10 single oils – that’s enough!    If you feel you absolutely have to add another oil, then I would choose one that is already in the blend so for Thieves, you could add a further drop of lemon for example, or for RC you could add a further drop of lavender for example.


Can I put my diffuser on natural wood table?  It’s a common mistake and many of us have put our diffusers onto a wooden table because in time when the water and oil droplets lands on the table it will leave a mark where the diffuser has been.  A way around this is to buy a clear glass chopping board and put your diffuser on that, to the clear glass isn’t taking away any of the beauty of the table – but it’s protecting it.  

Can I use up my old oils in a diffuser? 

An interesting fact that I’ve encountered many times in the past, is that I’ve introduced 100% pure essential oils into someone’s life, and they have said ‘oh, I’ll use my other oils up in the diffuser’ -  NOOOOOO   -   the diffuser isn’t just to make the room smell nice, you are actually breathing in the tiny molecules of essential oil that the diffuser is putting into the air – so any non pure essential oils should definitely not be ‘used up’ in the diffuser – I would recommend you ‘use them up’ in cleaning products.

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  1. This was so helpful and good point about what we in..I think with the use if air fresheners ( goodness knows what is in them) and string clothes wash and softeners people often don't think or know, everything put on or in your body including breathing in, will affect us and the wrong chemicals are hormone disruptor s, so like our pets, these 'smells' have hidden results on our well being..

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