The Power of Sleep
Improving sleep is one of the first things addressed on my 28 Day Health Challenge - it is that important.  

Have you ever heard the saying that you heal while you sleep? well, it's true, there are hundreds of evidence based trials that prove the body heals while in sleep mode.  

Rejuvenation requires a state of rest for the body to repair.   

That's why sleep is critical to our daily replenishment of energy at the cellular level and to reduce mental stress. 

Lack of rest and sleep creates stress and acid in the system, which creates inflammation and imbalance in the microbiome (gut flora). 

Research has proven that a lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, decreased productivity, poor memory, weight gain, and critical thought processes.  

Sleep deprivation increases the risk for more serious conditions including depression, substance abuse, diabetes, and auto-immune disease.  It also inhibits recovery from any injuries, pain, trauma, and major illness.  Without sleep, our resistance to viruses, bacteria and even parasites can give them the upper hand. 

Beauty can be 'skin deep' and we can usually spot the weary, tired, sleep deprived people we work, study or share a life with!  

Learn more about the circadian cycle in my 28 Day Health Challenge - click here to see when the next challenge starts.  Aim to go to bed one hour earlier every night, and get up at the same time every day - weekday or weekend, summer or winter!  

Tips for better sleep:  
Keep regular hours.
Keep your bedroom cool and dark.  
Limit electrical devices and 'blue light' from televisions and screens for at least one hour before bed.  
Keep your mobile phone in a different room.
If you need an alarm, use an alarm clock without LED lights, not your mobile.  
Diffuse a soothing essential oil one hour before you enter the bedroom - to crease a calming atmosphere. 

Keep it Simple!
Essential Oils are either Stimulating or Relaxing
They Create Energy or Reduce it
Some Oils have dual effects adapting to the body's needs (adaptogens) 
Every Body is Different - So Is Every Day! 
Reduced stress = Reduced Disease
Better Sleep = Better Mood and Cognition 

Essential Oils that promote rest and sleep
Cedarwood, Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender, Valerian, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang

Suzie Webb 

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