iTovi Scanner - What is it and How does it Work?
I've had my iTovi scanner for four years now and absolutely love it!  

What exactly is it?
First of all the disclaimer!  
The iTovi scanner is not designed to diagnose, monitor or treat any illnesses

So what is it?  The scanner combines galvanic skin responses and Bluetooth technologies to generate a personalised evaluation/report on essential oils or supplements your body would benefit from at the time of the scan. Thousands of health-minded individuals use the iTovi Scanner once or twice a week to provide themselves with individualised information and guidance when choosing nutritional products, essential oils and supplements. The iTovi takes away the guessing what oils you need, as it tells you!  clever eh!  

How does it work?
The iTovi is a tiny handheld device that you hold in your palm with your fingers over the oval metal plate and your thumb on the top plate, and is activated through an app on my phone to scan your body. The whole thing takes about three minutes from opening the app, turning on the iTovi to seeing the results of your scan, first on the mobile device and then from an automatic email sent to you with report in to read at your leisure.  The technology is similar to that used by Fit Bits and iWatches.  

What do you want the report to tell you?  
If you enter 'settings' you can ask for the number of products you want shown on the report.  The choice is either 3, 6, 7 or 10.  I usually set it for 3, as I don't want to be overwhelmed with options - and don't want my client to be overwhelmed either. The scanner shows the identified products in order of importance.  Before starting the scan you can also choose what products you want to scan  - the choices are Essential Oils only, singles and blends, (this is the one I always choose), Weight Management products, or supplements which include all the health supplements available in Europe and of course Ningxia Red - our powerhouse energy shot.  Interestingly, I sometimes scan myself and ask for 'other products' and often  B Vitamins or calcium will come up - no essential oils at all!   

What I love about the report is that it identifies the products chosen for you under 3 categories. Environmental, Physical and Emotional.  Sometimes the first recommended oil covers all three of these categories, and sometimes just one or two, but it is always interesting to see the  categories that come up and the oils selected.

If you live in Jersey, and want a free scan - just message me and we can meet for a cuppa and I'll scan you. Alternatively, if you want your own scanner - then you can get your own, and scan other people.  

Order yours now!   There are a couple of options to get your iTovi - clink the link for the options. 
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