Sulfurzyme - part of my Joint & Mobility Health Protocol

This blog is about a supplement that ‘supports joint comfort and helps maintain joint mobility’.

The supplement has only 2 main ingredients in it!  Just 2!    MSM – you may have heard of before this stands for METHYL SULFONYL METHANE and the other ingredient is LYCIUM BARBARUM which is the Latin name for the Chinese wolfberry also known as goji berries and mede berry.  

So the MSM – sulphur is an extremely important mineral – the body needs sulphur to survive.  

As we get older we undergo a certain amount of wear and tear especially the joints in our knees and knuckles – everyone can benefit from MSM – even your dogs and cats and whilst recommended for everyone over 50, your joints start to wear down in the 30s, so if you are very active then it’s never too early to start supporting your skeletal system.  In America and other parts of the world Sulfurzyme comes in powder form and capsule form.  In Europe we can only get the capsule form – which is good as the powder form contains Stevia – and this you definitely cannot give to your animals – but we don’t have to worry about that as there is no stevia in our capsule form.  

It is important to also drink plenty of water when desiring the support of healthy joints, ligaments, bones and muscles. Simply drink half of your body weight number in ounces.  For example, if you are 200 pounds, you would strive to drink 100 oz of water every day.  

In addition to supporting joint comfort and mobility Sulurzyme also strengthens hair, nails and skin, and reduces inflammation and supports gut health.  Goji berries are a prebiotic.  Many people take PRObiotics every day – which is great, especially after a course of antibiotics,  but if you are not then taking in your diet prebiotics by way of fermented foods and drinks like Ninxia Red,  it’s sort of a waste of time as the job of prebiotics is to feed the probiotics - the good bacteria in your gut.  

The important thing is that once you start with MSM – or Sulfurzyme, you need to continue it – I have had dozens of testimonials to say that when people forget to take it, their joints soon remind them!   Human studies have shown that MSM enters the blood very quickly and will start working within 30-45 minutes.  Most people will begin to notice the effects of Sulfurzyme within two weeks of supplementation, but individual results may vary and are dependent on serving size and formulation.  

The formulation of Sulfurzyme, with the additional wolfberries as a prebiotic, puts this supplement in my top 5 supplements which the over 60s should be taking every day - and also forms part of my : 

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